Who I Am

Perform Excellent and Live Better

My Mission Statement

My mission is to teach my clients how to create and live a healthy lifestyle, achieve higher levels of success with compassion and expertise.

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Who I Am?


I am in the Coaching Industry – A Certified Professional Coach, inspiring health and wellness.

I am in the relationship Business - A Relationship Mentor. Most of life's pleasure's and pains are the result of relationships.

I am in the helping Profession – A social worker. My highest priority is to improve society's overall well-being, especially those most vulnerable.

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Who I Am?


I am a lover of psychology, cognitive science, great food, Neuroscience, philosophy, Ted-Talks, music, books, politics, documentaries, personal growth and development, the study of religion and spirituality, oh and I really love Pepsi.

I am a wife, mother, a "mimi" and many things to many different people but my most cherished role is I am a "person first" just like my clients.

My personal influences include my family, career and my experiences. I admire with deep affection Dr. Wayne Dyer, Simon Sinek, Malcolm Gladwell, Dr. David Eagleman and Dr. Seuss.

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My Expertise

I partner with my clients, it is vital that my clients feel safe so that real progress can happen. I do not tell my clients what to do, I teach them what to do. I open my clients up to their own strengths and abilities empowering them to function independently.

My clients learn new skills and learn how to apply these skills in a direct way when solving problems, facing a crisis and dealing with their everyday challenges.

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If you would like to know more about me and how I can support you, I'd love to hear from you. Call 513-276-2710 or click the link below.